Sealy, TX - 10.27.2023

STRANDED! Unleashed My Dark Horse and Now I'm Stuck

Let’s put my brand new 2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse to the test! Completely broken in, I’m now with @HennesseyPerformanceF5 in Texas for a stock dyno run and to burn some tires, perhaps a little further than intended… What happens next, who knows!

With almost exactly 2,500 miles on the dash only 8 days after picking up the Dark Horse with full PPF, it must be one of the highest mileage customer cars out there, but also means it is now fully run in and ready to be enjoyed. Having been out to Hennessey with my Shelby GT500 (coincidentally also at 2,500 miles) a couple of years ago, we’re back with the new 2024 Mustang to have some fun.

Naturally, the Hennessey team are working on their upgrade package that will be coming soon, but it’s the perfect set up to see where the power levels sit, before running through the Track Apps and seeing where it goes. First up the Line Lock, before testing Launch Control, then the various timing systems, with everything going totally fine until I try a donut too many…


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