Sealy, TX - 06.12.2023

RAM TRX 6-Piston Brake Upgrade // MAMMOTH 1000 by Hennessey

How does the world’s fastest and most powerful pickup truck stop? With Hennessey’s 6-piston performance brake upgrade for the RAM TRX. Join us as we explore the incredible monster brake upgrade, designed to take your TRX’s stopping power to the next level!

The stock RAM TRX comes equipped with 14.9-inch x 1.2-inch iron rotors (378mm x 30mm) and 2-piston pin-slider calipers on the front axle. However, with the Hennessey’s 6-piston kit, we’re introducing a game-changing transformation.

Prepare to be amazed as we witness the 6-piston heavy-duty calipers expertly clamp onto brand-new 14.8-inch x 1.65-inch (376mm x 42mm) iron rotors, effectively replacing the stock ones. These new rotors boast a remarkable 37 percent increase in thickness compared to the standard ones, resulting in an impressive 12 percent greater braking thermal capacity.

But that’s not all! Discover the remarkable benefits that this upgrade brings. With the more powerful multi-piston braking system, you can expect significantly shorter stopping distances, providing you with added peace of mind and enhanced safety on the road. And let’s not forget about the increased pad size, which delivers up to seven percent more available brake torque, allowing you to take full advantage of your TRX’s performance capabilities. Plus, with an eight percent decrease in pad work rate, you’ll experience improved longevity and reduced wear.

Hit that subscribe button, turn on notifications, and join us as we unlock the full potential of your RAM TRX’s braking performance with the extraordinary Hennessey RAM TRX truck brake upgrade. Stay tuned for the mind-blowing results that will leave you craving for more!




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