Texas - 05/19/24

My Ford GT Arrives in the US to HYPERCAR INSANITY!

We’re back in action! I’m at @HennesseyPerformanceF5 to collect my Ford GT that’s shipped over from the UK, now ready for some fun in Texas. It gets started in style with drag races on the runway before we blast over to Hypercar Genesis in Austin with the most insane line-up!

After shipping out my Ford GT with MyCarImport a month ago or so, we’ve had a quick stop in Chicago to meet up with @TheHamiltonCollection before flying on to Texas to pick up the Shmeemobile ready for everything that’s ahead. Hennessey kindly received it on my behalf to prepare it for everything that’s ahead, and that means a stop by a venue I’ve visited many times before to have some fun on the runway and check out both the H850 Dark Horse and H1200 Mammoth TRX.

With all well and fun at Hennessey HQ, our next stop is to Hypercar Genesis, the opening night for the GT1 Sports Club weekend at Circuit of the Americas. Visiting COTA is the purpose for this trip, and the combination of TEN, Hypercar Invitational, GT1 Sports Club and SRO have put together this incredible welcome evening with a seriously impressive display.

To name some of the highlights; Fastrrr has presented his new Apollo IE and brought the Zonda Revolucion, there are a number of Venom F5s from RAFA Racing Club, multiple Bugatti Chiron Super Sports, @GGEXOTICS with the Pagani Utopia, the full holy trinity on display, and so much more.

What an amazing welcome to the USA, and a huge thank you to everybody who helped with logistics and making it such an amazing experience to get this tour started!

Thanks for watching, Tim




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