Sealy, TX - 08.07.2023

KING DAYTONA: 1 of 300 2023 Dodge SRT 'Last Call' Charger Widebody

Join us as we take a look at the highly-anticipated 2023 Dodge SRT Charger King Daytona. This extremely exclusive car has been upgraded with the mind-blowing Hennessey H1000 upgrade, pushing it to an astonishing 1000 horsepower! This monster of a car combines unrivaled performance with the practicality of a 4-door sedan, and we couldn’t wait to put it to the test.

In this close-look video, we’ll dive into the heart of the Charger King Daytona, exploring its beastly 6.2-liter V8 engine, expertly tuned to deliver sheer unbridled power. Not only does it roar on the open roads, but this power upgrade comes with a remarkable 3-year 36,000-mile warranty, giving you peace of mind as you unleash its fury.

Limited to 300 units worldwide, the 2023 Dodge SRT Charger King Daytona is one of the lowest production models produced. The opportunity to work on a rare car like this one is a true treat. The Charger King Daytona offers a perfect blend of luxury and adrenaline-pumping performance, making it a dream come true for any car enthusiast.




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