TRX + Raptor + Bronco Sand Dune Testimonial

If you’re a fan of off-roading, then you’re likely familiar with the RAM TRX, Ford Raptor, and Ford Bronco. These three vehicles are among the most capable and rugged machines in their respective classes, but how do they perform in one of the toughest environments with one of the highest performing vehicle upgrades in the industry? 

Sealy, TX - 07-09-2022

TRX + Raptor + Bronco Sand Dune Test Drive! | MAMMOTH 1000 | VELOCIRAPTOR 600 | VELOCIRAPTOR BRONCO

Hennessey recently sent a MAMMOTH 1000-upgraded RAM TRX, a VelociRaptor 600-upgraded Ford Raptor, and a VelociRaptor 400-upgraded Ford Bronco to California’s Glamis Dunes for a series of off-road torture tests to the vehicles and their modifications. Each vehicle rose to the occasion, leaving us with just one question – which one are you taking? 


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