Sealy, TX - 07.07.2023

'H700' Supercharged C8 Corvette Customer Review // First Drive

Buckle up and join us on an adrenaline-fueled journey as we witness a jaw-dropping first drive of a new supercharged ‘H700’ Hennessey C8 Corvette! In this exhilarating video, our customer gets his first taste of the mind-blowing transformation of his C8 Corvette, as its horsepower skyrockets from 490 to a heart-pounding 708!

From the moment they press the pedal to the metal, the H700 Hennessey C8 Corvette rockets forward, pinning them to their seat, with acceleration that leaves them grinning from ear to ear. The enhanced driving experience is further heightened by precise handling, razor-sharp cornering, and increased grip, offering an unparalleled level of control and excitement.

Join us as we capture every adrenaline-pumping moment, showcasing the H700 Hennessey C8 Corvette‘s unrivaled power, blistering speed, and sheer joy it brings to our lucky customer’s face. Get ready to witness automotive perfection as this supercharged beauty takes the driving experience to unimaginable heights!




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