Sealy, TX - 01.31.23

Ford Raptor R 2023 Dyno Test

The highly anticipated Ford Raptor R 2023 has finally arrived at Hennessey, and we’re already hard at work on our much anticipated Raptor R upgrade. Baseline testing of the stock Raptor R has already shown impressive results, registering 562 horsepower and 566 lb-ft of torque at the rear wheels on Hennessey’s Dynojet chassis dyno.

The Ford Raptor R is already an impressive machine, but we’re well-known for taking high-performance vehicles to the next level. This latest VelociRaptor upgrade promises to deliver even more power, making the 2023 Raptor R one of the most powerful and capable off-road trucks on the market.

We have a long-standing reputation for building some of the world’s fastest and most powerful vehicles, and our latest VelociRaptor upgrade is no exception. With a focus on reliable, high-performance upgrades, Hennessey Performance is the go-to destination for those who want to take their vehicle to the next level.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our research and development on this exciting new upgrade for the Raptor R.

We’re confident that the VelociRaptor upgrade for the 2023 Ford Raptor R will be our most impressive yet, and we can’t wait to upgrade your truck.


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