Sealy, TX - 12.04.2023

Electric Ford Lighting vs. 1,000 HP Hennessey MAMMOTH RAM TRX // EV vs. ICE // Drag Race

Electric vs. ICE: Ford Lightning vs. Hennessey MAMMOTH 1000 RAM TRX Showdown!

Get ready for the ultimate clash between electrifying power and brute force in our thrilling series of races featuring the all-new electric Ford Lightning pickup truck and the monstrous Hennessey Performance MAMMOTH 1000 RAM TRX!

Ford Lightning Specs:

  • Electric Power: Lightning-fast acceleration with instant torque
  • Range: Impressive electric efficiency for long-lasting performance
  • Cutting-Edge Tech: State-of-the-art features for a futuristic driving experience
  • Lightning-Quick Speed: Can it outpace the MAMMOTH 1000?


Hennessey MAMMOTH 1000 RAM TRX Specs:

  • Insane Horsepower: 1,000+ horses under the hood for jaw-dropping power
  • Off-Road Dominance: Unmatched capability with Hennessey’s signature upgrades
  • Roaring Engine: The unmistakable sound of raw, unbridled horsepower
  • Dominating the Drag Strip: Will the MAMMOTH 1000 reign supreme?


Witness the high-stakes drag races as these titans of the automotive world go head-to-head in a series of thrilling contests. Can the lightning-fast acceleration of the Ford Lightning outpace the sheer muscle and power of the Hennessey MAMMOTH 1000 RAM TRX?

Spoiler alert! In every heart-pounding race, the Hennessey MAMMOTH 1000 RAM TRX emerges victorious, showcasing its dominance on the asphalt. From 0 to 60, the MAMMOTH 1000 proves that when it comes to speed and power, it’s in a league of its own.




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