Hennessey Camaro ZL1 Sounds Wicked // First Impression!

Camaro ZL1 Upgrade Sounds Wicked

NEWSROOM Sealy – 08.16.22 Hennessey Camaro ZL1 Sounds WICKED // First Impression! Chevrolet’s Camaro ZL1 only gets better with more power. Hennessey is proud to offer warranty-guaranteed 850 and 1000 HP performance upgrades for this outstanding machine. Following its HPE850 upgrade, this exquisite orange example headed to the Pennzoil Proving Grounds to show its owner […]

Hennessey Hellcats Are Unmatched!


NEWSROOM Sealy, TX – 08.11.22 Hennessey’s Hellcats Are Unmatched! Backed by a world-class customer experience and a warranty guarantee, Hennessey’s Hellcat performance upgrades are the surefire way to rule the pavement with confidence and ease. Challenger, Charger, Durango, TRX-Hennessey is proud to offer 900 and 1000 HP performance upgrades for ALL Hellcat and Redeye platformed […]

1000hp Hennessey Mammoth vs 3 Defenders: TUG OF WAR by carwow

Hennessey Performance

NEWSROOM carwow – 07.28.22 1000hp Hennessey Mammoth vs 3 Defenders: TUG OF WAR Who’s ready for an EPIC tug-of-war?! Mat’s set up in a Hennessey Mammoth, and he’s about to face off against a couple of Bowler Defender rally challenge cars! Now let’s start off with the Mammoth because the stats on this pick-up are […]

702 HP RAM TRX vs 1012 HP Hennessey MAMMOTH // Drag Race Comparison!

Hennessey Performance

NEWSROOM Sealy, TX – 07.28.22 702 HP RAM TRX vs 1012 HP Hennessey MAMMOTH // Drag Race Comparison! Last summer, we posted a video pitting a stock 702-hp RAM TRX (35-inch tires) against the 1012-hp Hennessey MAMMOTH 1000 RAM TRX with a Stage 2 kit (37-inch tires). The Hennessey truck walked away from the stock […]

850 HP ZL1 Sights & Sounds


NEWSROOM Sealy, TX – 07.26.22 850 HP ZL1 Sights & Sounds For all the Hennessey fans that like to listen to the cars rather than hear us talk, this video is for you! Turn the volume up and listen to this HPE850 ZL1 roar to life down our Pennzoil Proving Ground Test Track. HPE850 Camaro […]

TRX+Raptor+Bronco Sand Duning with Hennessey! | BEHIND THE SCENES


NEWSROOM Glamis, CA – 07.19.22 TRX + Raptor + Bronco Sand Duning with Hennessey! | Behind The Scenes Hennessey recently sent a MAMMOTH 1000-upgraded RAM TRX, a VelociRaptor 600-upgraded Ford Raptor, and a VelociRaptor 400-upgraded Ford Bronco to California’s Glamis Dunes for a series of off road torture tests to the vehicles and their modifications. […]