Sealy, TX - 05.15.2023

C8 Z06 Killer: StreetSpeed 717 Reviews the Supercharged 'H700' C8 Corvette Stingray

The C8 Corvette Stingray is a powerful sports car that has captured the imagination of car enthusiasts around the world. Recently, StreetSpeed 717, a popular YouTube channel focused on cars and automotive culture, uploaded a video of him driving our supercharged ‘H700’ Corvette. The video is a thrilling experience that showcases the raw power and speed of this amazing vehicle.

During the test drive, StreetSpeed 717 takes the ‘H700’ through its paces, demonstrating its impressive acceleration and handling on the open road. With 700 horsepower at his fingertips, he pushes the car to its limits, hitting top speeds and talking about the value compared to the new C8 Corvette Z06. The Hennessey Performance upgrade gives the car an even greater level of power and performance, making it a truly exciting ride at an incredible value.

Watching the video of StreetSpeed 717 driving the Hennessey Performance pro charged 700hp C8 Stingray is a thrilling experience that is sure to get any car enthusiast’s heart racing. It’s a testament to the amazing technology and engineering that goes into these powerful vehicles, and it’s a reminder of the sheer joy and excitement that comes from driving a high-performance car. Whether you’re a fan of the C8 Stingray, StreetSpeed 717, or just love cars in general, this video is definitely worth watching.




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