Sealy, TX - 11.08.22

BUILT FOR SPEED: Ford Heritage Series 800+ Horsepower Lineup

Hennessey Performance has offered reliable and significant performance upgrades for Ford performance vehicles for more than 20 years. On our extensive list of past and present upgrades, the Heritage Series remains one of the most iconic and highest horsepower packages for the current generation F-150 and Mustang GT fitted with the legendary Coyote 5.0-liter V8.

Offering up to 800 horsepower, the Ford Heritage Series by Hennessey offers car and truck owners the ultimate driver’s machine! Crank your speakers up and enjoy this sneak peek of the complete Heritage lineup. For information and availability, email sales at

HeritageLegend Venom 775 09 scaled

Hennessey® Ford F-150


hennessey mustang gt supercharged 34 scaled

Hennessey® Ford Mustang GT



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