Sealy, TX - 04.16.2024

A Better Escalade-V | H850 Cadillac Escalade V by Hennessey

Meet the new ‘H850’ Cadillac Escalade-V from Hennessey. The team at Hennessey Performance sent the Escalade-V through a monumental transformation with an overhaul to the original powertrain. In this video, Hennessey takes you behind the scenes to strap the Escalade-V onto the dyno, unleashing the full fury of its upgraded powertrain.

Bolstered by a meticulously engineered suite of enhancements, including a ported supercharger, Hennessey upper pulley upgrade, custom camshaft, and a high-flow cylinder head, this Escalade-V redefines performance luxury. With upgraded crankcase ventilation, throttle body, valve springs, retainers, intake, and exhaust valves, lifters, and push rods, every component has been meticulously optimized for maximum power output.

Elevating the status further, each ‘H850’ Escalade-V bears a serial-numbered engine bay plaque and exclusive Hennessey and ‘H850’ exterior badging. And with a 3-year/36,000-mile limited warranty, you can embark on your performance journey with peace of mind.




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