Sealy, TX - 06/13/24

#25 AMERICAN HORSEPOWER Podcast with John Hennessey | Louis Flory, Entrepreneur

Welcome to another high-octane episode of *American Horsepower: The John Hennessey Podcast! This week, we have a very special guest—Louis Flory, a renowned car collector and speed enthusiast.

In this episode, John Hennessey sits down with Louis Flory to delve into the world of high-performance vehicles, exploring the latest trends, limitless entrepreneurship, and the future of horsepower. Louis shares his insights on what it takes to become a successful businessman, his most challenging projects, and his automotive journey.

*Topics Covered:*

– Louis’s journey through the automotive world

– The difficult side of buying supercars

– Challenges in life and business

– The future of high-performance vehicles

– Entrepreneurship


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