Sealy, TX - 12.19.2023

2023 Dodge SRT Demon 170 // Plum Crazy Purple // Carbon Fiber Wheels // An Instant Classic

After nearly 8 months of waiting, John Hennessey’s 2023 Dodge SRT Demon 170 has finally arrived at Hennessey Performance. The Demon 170 is the most performance-crazy and highest-horsepower production car from MOPAR.

Tune in for a complete review as we look at this sinister Demon 170’s powertrain, exterior, and interior. John’s car arrived just a couple days ago, so all factory plastic and packaging were intentionally left on the car for this video. We could not be more excited to have such a rare and perfect example of the last supercharged, RWD, V8 Dodge muscle cars in our hands. It’s going to be a wild ride, so buckle up and follow along for more Demon 170 content.

What is the Dodge SRT Demon 170? Here are some high-level numbers:

– Quickest, meanest, highest horsepower production car in MOPAR history

– 1025 HP // 945 lb-ft (on E85 – ‘Demon 170’ inspired by 170-proof ethanol fuel mixture)

– 900 HP // 810 lb-ft on 91 octane

– 0-60mph in 1.66 sec

– +2.0 G’s when launching

– 8.91 sec @ 151 mph ¼ mile

– Less than 3,300 to be built globally // VIN #0025




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