Ford Mustang Testimonials

Ford Mustangs, including the Mustang GT, GT350, and GT500 upgraded by Hennessey Performance are thrilling performance cars that have received rave reviews from its customers. Watch customers praise their upgraded mustangs for their impressive acceleration and speeds. Whether it is the H800 upgrade for the Mustang GT, the H850 upgrade for the Mustang GT350, or the Venom 1000/1200 upgrade for the Mustang GT500, Hennessey has the ultimate upgrades for the Ford Mustang. It’s easy to see why it has become such a popular choice among driving enthusiasts. 

Sealy, TX - 07.21.21

1000 HP GT500 Delivered! // VENOM 1000 by Hennessey

With a thundering 5.2L supercharged V8 and lightning-quick dual-clutch transmission, the Mustang GT500 ranks among the finest of Ford’s lineup. But yeah, we think it could use more power. With Hennessey’s expertly calibrated, warranty-guaranteed VENOM 1000 upgrade, the Mustang GT500 retains all stock driveability and function while rocketing into the next level of performance capability. 


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