Sealy, TX - 11.03.22

1,000 Horsepower SRT SUPER STOCK Hellcat Track Review

If high-horsepower, ultra-rare, American muscle is your cup of tea, let us introduce you to the 2022 SRT® Super Stock Hellcat with the HPE1000 upgrade. The Super Stock Widebody Hellcat is a more limited production build than Dodge’s halo-Challenger DEMON. The HPE1000 upgrade takes the vehicle’s impressive 807 horsepower and turns it up to 11, resulting in a tire-shredding 1,000 horses under the hood.

Join Hennessey’s Senior Calibration Engineer, Jason Haynes, as he walks through all the incredible technology and performance of the HPE1000 Super Stock Hellcat in this latest video. For more information on the complete list of Hellcat upgrades, contact our sales team at 1.979.885.1300


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