Ford GT500 For Sale

2020 Velocity Blue Ford Mustang GT500 For Sale



This Mustang has undergone the legendary Hennessey treatment, elevating its performance to an astonishing level. The Venom 1000 upgrade ensures a thrilling driving experience with enhanced power and speed. Setting it apart from the rest, this GT500 boasts the coveted carbon fiber track package. This lightweight and aerodynamic enhancement not only contributes to the car’s performance but also adds a touch of sophistication to its overall appearance. What makes this Mustang truly exceptional is its unique VIN number – #0004, personally owned by a Ford executive. As the fourth vehicle produced in the 2020 Shelby GT500 lineup, it holds a special place in automotive history and is destined to be a collector’s dream.


Ford GT500

Upgrade: Venom 1000

  • VIN #0004
  • 1000 bhp @ 7,000 rpm
  • 850 lb-ft torque @ 4,800 rpm
  • High-Flow Air Induction Upgrade
  • Supercharger Drive Pulley Upgrade
  • Supercharger Hub Assembly Upgrade
  • Upgraded Heavy Duty Supercharger Belt
  • Upgraded High-Flow Fuel Injectors
  • Upgraded Anodized Billet Fuel Rails
  • Upgraded Fuel Line & Fittings
  • Upgraded Heavy Duty Tensioner
  • Upgraded Intercooler Cooling Brick
  • Air/Oil Separator System
  • Upgraded Flex Fuel Engine Calibration
  • Upgraded Transmission Calibration
  • Professional Installation
  • Chassis Dyno Testing
  • Road Testing (Up To 500 Miles)
  • Hennessey® Exterior Badging
  • Venom® 1000 Exterior Badges
  • Serial Numbered Plaques


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