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Hennessey VelociRaptor SUV

Introducing Hennessey Armored Performance Vehicles™

Having a vehicle that can safely and quickly get you out of harm’s way is just as important as having armored protection. Introducing Hennessey Armored Performance Vehicles™ (APV™). Our mission: Build the best-performing armored vehicles available today.

Hennessey APV™ offers complete high-performance upgrade systems for the following vehicles:

• Cadillac Escalade - 550 to 1000 hp
• Chevrolet Suburban - 550 to 1000 hp
• Chevrolet Truck - 550 to 1000 hp
• Ford Raptor Truck - 475 to 800 hp
• GMC Denali - 550 to 1000 hp
• Land Rover - Up to 500 hp
• Lexus LX570 - Up to 500 hp
• Nissan Patrol - Up to 1000 hp
• Range Rover - Up to 550 hp
• Toyota Sequoia - Up to 500 hp
• Toyota Land Cruiser - Up to 500 hp

Hennessey Performance is also happy to introduce our VelociRaptor APV™. This powerful, full size APV™ comfortably seats up to 8 passengers and has the performance and off-road capability to go around, through or over many obstacles.

Looking for more information? Contact a Performance Consultant:

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Email: sales@hennesseyperformance.com

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